How to Analyse your website performance

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Primarily, one of the best ways to find out a website’s performance is by running a website health check. A website health check is cost-effective and simple. There are other signification key factors as well for a smooth-running website. Reviewing your content regularly and having a mobile performance checking are two essentials in this list. Also, make sure your on-page SEO is well optimised. And remember the magic an interesting landing page can create! Dig in for more…

For a relevant & smooth running website

1. Review your content

Content on your website should be fresh and updated with this fast-changing business world. So when was the last time you updated your website content? With a high-quality search engine optimised content, like that of Spectreum Ltd, it will be easier for your targeted customers to find your website online. Also, this makes the search engines crawlers or spiders to find and evaluate your website easily. While conducting a review, make sure there is no outdated content whether it be written, images or videos. There shouldn’t be any grammar errors, typos or else confusing long sentences. While reviewing the content, make sure you use this time to remove poor layouts as well.

2. Mobile Performance

In an ideal world, the mobile platform performance is never left unchecked while running a website performance check. A timely update on the mobile platform will help your business in not missing out any important traffic.
With a responsive test on the mobile performance a better understanding of how your audience views your business on the mobile platform can be analysed. This can be a boon in helping the targeted audience having issues while loading the website content without fail or error. Make sure you don’t miss out to check the performance of your website in mobile while you add contents such as images, texts and others.

3. An effective landing page

An effective landing page can help you get more prospective customers to your business. An example is that of Auckland’s web design and development company Spectreum Ltd’s landing page. The idea of having a landing page for your website is specifically for product or service promotion as well as to convert your website visitors to potential leads and customers. A similar good example of product-based website’s landing page is of Shopify’s Landing page. Just like these, make sure that you have built the best and engaging landing page for your website. A good landing page should have a call to action for customers. If a landing page is done right your website visitors gain valuable insights about your business and brand.

Some of best Small Business Website Design Companies

If you think you are running behind any of these steps and is very much interested in building the best website for your business. Then Spectreum Ltd is your best option.

We can also run a Free website check for you. At Spectreum Ltd we have the best designers and developers of Auckland to run through your business website and help you fix it.

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