How to Create One Page Website and launch your business.

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Today, in the world of web design, a one-page website is a trending alternative to conventional multi-page websites. The one-page website is the one where all your contents go to a single long scrolling page. There won’t be any separate pages for About, Contact, and Service pages. Rather than that, the content will be split into different sections using strips and instead of separate pages, the menu items will be linked to each of these sections within the single one- page website.

Five steps to creating your dream one-page website.

Step 1: Domain purchase and Webhosting

The initial step to start your website online is to have an address for your online business. An important primary step of launching a one-page website is to find a web host. Web hosting providers help you store your website data on third-party servers. This can be made accessible through a domain registration with your business name. The domain is the web address to your website, an example of your domain is www.yourbusiness.com.

Certain web hosting providers deliver free domain names as part of the web hosting package. Others charge from around $12 to $14 per year to purchase a domain name. At Spectreum Ltd. we help you with finding the best hosting service and domain name for your business.

Step 2: The One-click word press installation

After the purchase and registration of the domain name from the hosting provider, we can start developing our one-page website. There are certain drag-and-drop builders like Squarespace and Weebly but the most recommended one is WordPress, where you can further customize your website anytime you wish to make any changes. Most web hosting service providers provide WordPress installation as well. Therefore, after the registration of Domain, for instance from one of New Zealand’s hosting website HostPapa your domain name will be directly linked with your WordPress account.

Step 3: Install your One-page Theme

For easy creation of a website, to businessmen who are non-tech-savvy, word presses one-page themes are real lifesavers. The pre-designed website templates help you with the easy addition of content, also you can adjust the content according to your wish to create the best professional-looking website of your choice. Scroll through your desired theme and designs you want for the website and after finding the right one for your business website click “install”. After the theme is installed, the WordPress install button changes to “Activate” while enabling the new theme. Further, your website will look like the chosen theme and will also be ready to customize, to suit your business requirements.

Step 4: Customize your Theme

Outlining the webpage content is the initial way to start customizing your theme. Once when the content is created and you know where to put it on the webpage, you can further get started by adding the business logo, images, and text. Finally, you can finish it off with an addition of a call to action on your website. A one-page website should have multiple sections to portray different facets of your business, your customers, and website viewers are sure to read through all these sections of content as it is a single-page website. Further after adding a logo and other images, a call to action is essential in your website to engage your customers.

Step 5: Launching the Website

With all your pieces of information provided within the WordPress dashboard, you are ready to present your website to the public. To launch your website, click on the publish button after saving all the entered content. And make sure that all the content are published according to the way you decided, by navigating to your domain. If any errors get back to the Edit page and make the desired changes to your new website.

One page websites are cost-effective and perfect for small business. At Spectreum Ltd. our expert developers help you develop the website of your choice, even in WordPress without coding, so that you can edit it accordingly as your choice. We can help you design the best one-page website and finding the right hosting solution.

If you are in the lookout for a website, big or small. Leave us a message and our professionals at Spectreum ltd. will get back to you with a handful of solutions.

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