How to make your website secure

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So that you have launched your website, what next!?

Well…have you made sure your website is secure enough for your customers.

Is your website secure enough for safe transactions and does it prevents any type of cyberattacks that discourages your visitors and damages your reputation?

At Spectreum Ltd. we make sure that our customer’s reputation is never damaged without effective website security.

Here are a few basic effective website security solutions for your business

  1. SSL certificate
  2. One of the main security measure for the website is SSL certificate. An SSL certification protects any data that is collected by your website. This can be details of the credit card numbers or emails while it is transferred from the website to a server. Today, browsers and search engines have started labelling websites without SSL as insecure. This, in turn, can make your website visitors and costumers insecure about the safety of the website while doing web transaction. At Spectreum Ltd, as one of the best web designing and digital marketing company we make sure our customer’s website is built alright. We provide free SSL certificates that which suits your business the best.

  3. Payment Gateway Security
  4. Safeguard every payment methods using a secured payment gateway for your business and make your customers happy with Spectreum Ltd. A pavement gateway is an online platform providing secured connections to carry out easy transactions. To safeguard the payments, the security methods used by the payment gateways are Data Encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Secure Electronic Transaction (SET).

    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    • SSL is one of the standard security protocol followed by payment gateways while money transaction between merchants. Also, SSL helps in establishing an encrypted link between the browser and the server. It is always advised to use SSL certificated websites as mentioned before for safe transformation of money. Majority of the e-commerce websites uses SSL to protect their customers and buyers sensitive pieces of information such as card number and other details.

    • Data Encryption
    • Data Encryption is a major security method to ensure safety while transferring money. When the customers enter their card details in a payment gateway, it should be secured and be protected from hackers who tries to get their information. With data encryption, the payment gateway can ensure that there are no unauthorized party to decrypts the customer’s data.

    • Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)
    • Secure Electronic Transaction is a protocol which helps in the secured transmission of money via customers card detail in an online transaction. SET protocol prevents and blocks hackers from accessing the sensitive information of our customers. SET ensures confidentiality while enabling customer’s digital signatures for authentication in gateway transactions.

  5. Copyright Security
  6. When an original work is created, published or performed automatically copyright comes into effect. In a website, if the website content, images, videos and others are original then it qualifies as intellectual property which can be copyrighted. While the content in your website is published, it will be automatically copyright protected once been available to the public. Nevertheless, a few additional steps to ensure the safety of your content is to put up a copyright notice on each page of your website which includes the year. Also one can register your copyright as well, this way the business can ensure original content on the website.

  7. Secured Email
  8. Today all the business communication between the clients and employees take place mainly via email. And so it is very much important to protect and secure the email from a data breach and to do so the email should be encrypted. Two of the major email encryption protocol are S/MIME and PGP/MIME. S/MIME stands for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and is most often used as it is built into larger web-based email companies. Whereas, PGP/MIME stands for Pretty Good Privacy/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and this address and ensures security issues that the plain text messages are facing. With a third-party encryption tool, this model is more flexible and your email can be controlled on how well to be encrypted. With a few workarounds, even if the email is not designed to be secure, one can add privacy and security.
    If you are someone looking up to build the best website for your business, then you are at the right hands. At Spectreum Ltd. our expert developers ensure to build the right customised website for your business as unique as you are. Our developers at Spectreum Ltd. also make sure that you not only receive an elegantly built website but also a secure one for your customers while ensuring their trust as we have yours upon us.

    Let us know what you think about us in the comment below. Our experts at Spectreum Ltd. will get back to you to all your queries and with the best service that could be availed.

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