How web design and development is offering help in healthcare centers during the pandemic crisis.

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The health care industry is always open to new technologies. Especially in this Covid-19 pandemic crisis, technological enhancements have been a boon to mankind. During this pandemic crisis, while we were forced to stay inside our own bubble, the modern web and mobile technologies implemented by the web designers and developers has carried out in helping us.

Spectreum is a Web Design & Development Company in Auckland, New Zealand. We provide the best web development solutions for our clients across the globe. During this period of pandemic crisis, we have not lacked to aid our hands to help develop a technological solution for the people in NewZealand to connect with their physicians online.

Connect with your physician online.

Our expert web developers at Spectreum have built several health care websites such as Onewa Health Centre were patients can enquire, book GP appointments, connect with doctors online, to even get updates on the pandemic crisis. And most primarily, while we stay in our bubble, through websites such as Onewa Health Centre consultations with the physicians are made easily available on site and by phone or video.

Online Healthcare

Spectreum with no time has fit into benefit our citizens in and around New Zealand during COVID-19. An easy to book appointment system and consultation from experienced doctors via online is the major advancements the digital technology is providing us now. Today, one of the best things the internet can offer to us while in lockdown is the possibility to get in touch with our physicians and schedule appointments with health care services providers online.

How you get the online consultation.

Online Consultation and web development

The pandemic situation, the spread of the coronavirus is compelling us to take over each activity in our life online. Similarly, scheduling medical appointments and getting to meet them online is an excellent way of avoiding the spread of disease as well as the possibility to get affected by the virus. In the websites we have developed, patients can directly get appointments with a single click in the Book Now option. Anyone with an urgent medical issue will be seen on the day. Usually, the consultations are based on 15 minutes appointments nevertheless, double appointment time could be booked to discuss more issues.

Additional medical online services

The modern medical websites are more helpful to people who are from remote places in New Zeland as well as for people residing abroad. The patients can receive quick diagnosis and feedback virtually from certified physicians. The additional medical services other than GP services provided by the healthcare website such as Onewa Health Centre are Skin Health, Immunisation, Minor surgery and procedures, Musculoskeletal medicine and Cosmetic solutions.

Web design and development

At spectreum, we have efficient and expert web developers to help you develop healthcare websites. If you are a medical practitioner and wants to build your professional online presence, our expert team in web design and Development can help you bring your idea into life. We are happy to connect with you and are welcome to contact our web design and development team from Spectreum.

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